Warrior Princess Hospital Recovery


Mulan got in a little trouble and needs your medical help in this new game called Warrior Princess Hospital Recovery. Even though she is a skilled warrior, she had some trouble and fell of her horse. Now she is all bruised up and needs your help. She knows you are the best doctor around, that’s why she came to you. Make her feel comfortable and remove all her splinters. Give her a pill to numb of the pain and using a precise instrument cu can start removing splinters. After you are done with the splinters it’s time to see if she has broken bones using the x-ray machine. Apparently she has some broken bones and you need to fix them. Put some bandages and then apply the cast. You are done, and Mulan will feel better in no time. Next time she will be more careful when riding the horse or when she is in battle, because if she isn’t, she knows that she will have to pay you a visit again.