What's In My Fashion Bag?


This lovely new game What's In My Fashion Bag, starts with a question that probably each guy wants to answer. Every girl has her own favorite bag, where she keeps all her must-have items and daily products. Each morning is a difficult one, because a girl needs to find the perfect outfit and prepare her bag for that day. This is the case of cute Amy and you have to help her choose a bag and the products she needs during the day. But first, choose your favorite red office bag or backpack. Her room looks like a hidden objects stash, so you need to find all the products she needs inside the room. Make sure you hurry up and find the items in time, or else time will run out. You need to find exactly twelve items such as the lipstick, phone, notebook, hand cream, perfume and many others. Then, it is time to prep up for the day with a fashionable outfit. Choose a flower printed top with a denim skirt and layer the outfit with a nice burgundy coat or vest with fur. Have a nice girls session by playing our brand new game What's In My Fashion Bag!