Winter Braids Tutorial


Girls, winter is my favorite season of all year. It’s the best time to try new accessories such as scarves and hats, but also the best hairstyles. This winter it’s very trendy to wear beautiful braids and you should learn the proper way to braid. In the exclusive Enjoydressup game called Winter Braids Tutorial you will learn both the prep step and the amazing braiding techniques. Don’t waste any time and join the beautiful model Allie, who will guide and help you. The prep step of the Winter Braids Tutorial includes a great hair wash, in which you need to use a great shampoo. Rinse it with care and then apply a mask and hair conditioner. After the hair wash, dry it and comb it. The hair must be clean in order to achieve great braided hairstyles. In Winter Braids Tutorial you will learn how to braid, so pay close attention to the instructions. Split the hair in two halves and then braid it. Secure the hairstyle with pins and apply hair spray when you are done. To decorate you can use white roses, gems and other fun accessories, which you will love. Have a wonderful time playing Winter Braids Tutorial!