Winter Travelling


The cold weather and howling winds couldn’t stop Melanie to travel to a new country! She visited the grand museum on the first day of her trip and tomorrow she will go to the city castle. Let’s check out her wardrobe and find the best clothes for her! She's got nice casual tops, blouses, sweaters, fur vests and overcoats, as well as warm scarves and hats, or chic sunglasses if it's gonna be sunny outside. She aslo has lots of earrings, necklaces and bracelets as she loves jewelries and matching them with her outfit is what she likes the most, that's why she has so many jewelries and other accessories. Once she is dressed up and accessorise, she will need to do her make up. Have a look at all the cosmetic products and all the make up colors that she has in her purse and do her make up, after you have already found a nice outfit for her to wear. See which lips stick, eye shadow and mascara for eye lashes goes best with her outfit. Try more variants of make up to practice a bit and then decide which make up looks best on her face. Don't forget to do her hair in a very stylish way! Enjoy!