Wonder Woman Makeover


Wonder Woman doesn't need any kind of introduction, I'm sure. But still, let's remember why we admire her so much! This great female superhero is best known for her courage, beauty, superhuman powers and great battle skills. She possesses an arsenal of cool weapons: the indestructible bracelets which help her fight her enemies, a delicate tiara that is in fact a projectile, the Lasso of Truth and of course, the invisible airplane in which she rides supervising the Earth. This beautiful lady fights for peace, love and justice and she was often referred to as a symbol for girl power. She is extremely powerful and beautiful, but even the most powerful superheroes girls need a break from time to time. Here is where you come in, girls! Your assignment is to help our gorgeous superhero relax and look great by pampering her with a complete makeover. Start by applying a complete facial treatment to make her glow and then continue with a professional make-up session that will change her whole appearance. Last but not the least, choose your favorite outfit from all of these beautiful clothes that we have prepared for you. Don't forget her tiara (she needs it to fight the bad guys!) and other cool accessories that will prove useful for her. Have a great time playing our fabulous new makeover facial beauty game called Wonder Woman Makeover!