Zootopia Fashion Police


Judy is a cop, so it feels quite natural for her to be the Fashion Police. Her guest today is Gazelle and she has to dress up for three different events: a concert, a camping trip and a red carpet event. For each of them you will have to dress her up in what you think is best fit. For the camping trip, you should go for more casual and sporty items like shorts, t-shirts, bubble jackets and sneakers. For the concert she needs something very cool like black leather pants, glittery tops, golden jewelry and very high heels. And of course, for the red carpet there is nothing more appropriate than a long floor sweeping gown and a bejeweled clutch. There are a lot of clothes and accessories you can mix and match to get the perfect results. When you are done, Judy will show you a score sheet where you can see how well you did. If Gazelle's outfit was not completely flawless, you will also get a fashion fine. The cheaper it is, the better you did. So do you think you can get out of this without owing any cash? Good luck and enjoy playing Zootopia Fashion Police!